Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Meet the newest #HensofIngleside! Mrs. Rachel's dearest wish to be a mama finally came true when we let her sit some eggs in April. Three dedicated weeks later, on the coldest nights of spring, two wee fluffy babies hatched out! Baby Jane and Josie (the bottom two) are the fruit of Rachel's labor. We decided to up our odds of getting a few pullets out of the lot by sneaking in two other little ones from a friend who were just a couple days older. - They happily adopted one another and have become the sweetest little fluffy butt posse skittering around the place. These pictures were taken at 2 weeks of age +/-.

1: Rilla - a Welsummer

2: Ruby - an ISA Brown

3: JosiePye (suspected roo) - a barnyard mix: likely English Orp and Barnevelder

4: Baby Jane - hopeful Olive Egger: EE project color covered by a Barnevelder

They have seriously been too adorable for words! Mrs. Rachel is being the perfect mama hen as I had hoped she would be. She lets me interact with her and the chicks without any aggression at all. But has flogged the other hens if they get too close to her brood. The only time she gets the least bit impatient with the babies is when they try to still ride around on her piggy-back style (they're 6 weeks now, and quite heavy!).

So far, little Miss Ruby is the friendliest, followed by Josie who always loves to be near (or on!) you, but doesn't like to be touched. Rilla is really quite a loner, and Baby Jane is scared of her own shadow - bless her heart - but we hope those two will learn to enjoy human interaction as they continue to grow.

Welcome to the family, little ones!


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