Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Sometimes, when you least expect it, life shocks you with dose of delight.

Perhaps all the more savory because of the lack of expectation!

In this instance, it took the form of a peony that bloomed for the very first time this year. I didn't even truly remember buying/planting it. Likely a 75% off deal at Lowes at the end of the season that was thrown into the ground with nary a hope for survival.

I've said it before: one of the hardest parts of leaving our old home (Windy Poplars) were the extensive gardens I had cultivated over thirteen years of living there. Full of all my favorite things! While I did bring a few of my peonies with me, I had to leave a beautiful coral specimen behind. So when this burst into glorious bloom, my heart nearly burst right along with it!

Thanking God for these moments that bring life. That bring joy. That bring deep soul-filling, surprising delight.


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