Finding the Light

    I feel much like Frodo Baggins these days...wishing "it need not have happened in my time."

    These days of fear.

    Of uncertainty.

    Of waiting,

    And aloneness.

    By nature I do not see the light. I am an easy victim of the smothering darkness and looming "what-ifs".

    But in these times,

    These times that no one wished they lived to see,

    We must.

    I must.

    Search, find, absorb, carry it with me...

    Whether I find it in the form of a letter in the mailbox,

    A text,

    Blooming flowers,

    A smile,

    A face I recognize walking across the street,

    Or even in the innocent daily comings and goings of the chickens who call our backyard home.

    I will find it.

    I must.