As we all try to find a new cadence during this time of quarantine, one thing that I started to notice was that suddenly, weekends weren't very special anymore.

All the fun things we would usually do on our days-off, were now off-limits. So instead of Friday bringing with it excitement and anticipation, it just exacerbated the feelings of:


So I started to brainstorm stay-at-home weekend activities that could serve as day markers as well as give us some little somethings to regularly look forward to! On Fridays I prep for these, along with running through my weekly: Friday Freshen Up List - which is just a quick sweep through the house to take care of some things that I don't want to be bothered with on the weekends while we're busy spending time together. It also sets up the house to be a fresh and beautiful host for our days of rest.

Our Weekends in Quarantine List:

+ Because we can't travel now (a great love of ours), I dig out a photo album from a past vacation, and we spend some time looking through it and reminiscing about that trip.

+ Trying our hand at making a different craft cocktail recipe each week.

+ "Attending" a live stream of a concert or jam session on Friday or Saturday evening.

+ Playing old LPs while making dinner together - dancing in between the work.

+ Going on an exploration walk/hike around our area - hoping to discover new places!

+ Pizza for dinner on Fridays. Pancakes for dinner on Sunday nights.

Friday Freshen Up List:

+ Quick vacuum, if needed

+ Fill all refillable items (soap, sprays, toilet paper/paper towels, ice trays, etc.)

+ Make fresh flower bouquets for the house

+ Blow off porch and wipe down outdoor furniture

+ Change tart in wax burners

+ Change out bed sheets / towels

+ Choose trip album and set out on the coffee table

+ Prep/shop for cocktail ingredients

+ Research live stream events

I hope these ideas help you find some new fun little additions to your weekend routines - even though we're apart, we're in this together!