Over a month into quarantine now.

Our rhythms have changed, our income has changed, our emotions have changed, our sleep patterns have changed...

Nothing seems familiar anymore.

Some days, I'm ok with that. Others, that space of floating in an unknown holding pattern rocks me to my very core.

This day, we needed an adventure to cope. So I put on one of my favorite traveling jackets, wore my well-broken-in-globetrotting boots, picked up my big camera, and off we set for a nearby graveyard we have never explored by foot before.

I've always loved graveyards. They are a place I can always hear myself think - and I appreciate that. I also find it unfailingly interesting to explore the varied headstones, read the epitaphs, and imagine the lives of the people that lived them.

The gardener in me also loves the immaculate landscaping and old, wizened trees.

All in all, the wander about completely refreshed our souls, and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite snaps from our time there:


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