Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Mrs. Rachel (my year old Light Splash English Orpington) has been broody for a solid month now. We were on the verge of giving her some day-old chicks to adopt just to snap her out of it because I was starting to worry for her health. But after two days of locking ALL the hens out of the nest boxes - cue all. the. angry. hen. protesting. (I was desperate), something in her decided to finally reset, and today is the first full day that I'm convinced her broody streak has truly broken! It's so good to see her pecking about with the others...eating and drinking and know, normal chicken-y things.

Now to grow back her feathers, put on all the weight she lost, and start being my sweet cuddly best girl again!

Broody hens are so stubborn, and I tried every old wives tale you could imagine before going the drastic lock-out route. It seems like it's all about finding the right method that clicks with your particular broody. And thank goodness we finally did!


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