Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Spring is such a magical time in the garden. Everything is pushing up through the fresh dirt with vim and vigor and growing with all its might! The heat and pests have not yet set in, and you're enjoying the first bounty of the gardening season... Cue all the angels singing/breezes blowing/spotlights shining!

I'm always painfully aware that it won't last...in fact the harshness of summer is already rearing its ugly head here in the Ingleside beds, but this year I had a few new spring successes that I want to document so that I remember them for future growing seasons:

1. I skipped planting all the "delicate" lettuce (oakleaf, mesclun mixes, etc.) and went 100% in with romaine this spring. It has performed beautifully, and is still going strong even after a few weeks of solid 90s. No bolting in sight yet, and I'm thrilled we have been able to enjoy a supply of lettuce for SO long this spring!

2. The radishes we planted this year were called a "chef's blend" and it's been so much fun to have a variety both to look at and to eat (some are much sweeter, others more spicy) for our salads/breakfasts/snacks! I've also let several go to seed this year so that I can cut the flowers to use in fresh arrangements. They are a lovely, delicate, long lasting addition to my vases. I'm all about dual-purpose-ing.

3. Last year, some of the plants in my wildflower garden reseeded themselves - others in the mix were biennials. I made the decision to let them stay put over the winter, rather than till everything under and start fresh. There was a lot more labor intensive weeding involved, but the plants that established themselves in the fall bloomed waaaay sooner than spring-sown plants. It was so nice to have such an early flush of bachelor's buttons, and the beautiful biennial Sweet William are wonderful cutters! Just this week an enormous bounty of Black-Eyed Susans burst into bloom - none of which I would have had if I had tilled and re-planted the bed from scratch this year.

Gardening is always such a continual learning experience. A challenge. And putting legs to your hopes for tomorrow. Perhaps that's why I love it so much!?


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