Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I love how nature, specifically my gardens, constantly hides poignant little anecdotes among the seedlings and the dew-kissed earth. The soft, unassuming suggestions of deep things... mysterious things. I seem to absorb those whispers of depth and mystery into my soul almost unknowingly sometimes, so gentle is their delivery.

Today as I foraged around for the first full bouquet of spring, I found myself among an abundance of these perky little electric orange flowers (seen above, but muted in editing) which have just populated themselves all over the cutting garden this year. I did not intentionally plant them, I think they must have been in a wildflower mix I scattered years ago. - And as things go: my least favorite flowers grow the best.

To be less than delicate: I hated them. And resented the real estate they were taking away from other, more beloved, plantings. But having a soft spot for all things growing, I just couldn't bring myself to pull them up.

They were the first cut flowers to bloom and I cut a few to bring in, but they were wayyyy too much. They stood out wherever I put them in such a sore-thumb-ish kind of way.

So I waited until today (once some other spring flowers had joined the party), before I snipped any more.

And as I looked down at my fist-full of garden bounty, suddenly those dreadful orange flowers were surrounded by companions of yellow and purple and pink and green...and you know what? The unexpected medley of color became something beautiful. It toned down the offensive. It softened the edges. It showed off the assets and compensated for the harsh bits.

And as I was arranging the blooms in a vase I thought:

"Isn't this the way of our dearest friendships?"

They bring out our best qualities, and make us so much more beautiful, palatable even, to onlookers because of their influence. They don't compete for the spotlight, or try to crowd us out. We are better versions of ourselves because of the beauty others lend to our lives.

So nurture your bouquet. Flowers don't grow in neglected soil.

"Stop watering the weeds in your life & start watering the flowers."



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