Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Drinking with Chickens (inspired by the Instagram account of the same name) was established last summer as a social evening of snacks and libation for our Airbnb guests and friends while our feathered biddies free range at sunset lowering our blood pressure with their busy scratching for bugs, soothing happy chicken noises, and endless silly antics.

It soon turned into a much-anticipated event with our guests who enjoyed sharing this little slice of our city micro-farm life at the end of a long day.

Tonight was the first "Drinking with Chickens" of the summer, and we had such a nice time with our guests from North Carolina here to celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary, and our guest in the process of relocating to Roanoke from Louisiana as we poured a cold glass, and the afternoon softened into dusk - and dusk eventually deferred to nightfall. Learning about each other and the things that brought us all to be at the same place at the same time on a Friday in the Village in May. Passions, population groups, Paris; taking risks, travel, time management... we covered a lot of ground.

And as is often the case, we left Drinking with Chickens to scuttle off to bed (for the early-to-rise-ers), or a late dinner (for the night owls) with more friends than we had when we came.


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