Updated: Nov 12, 2020

I'm not a morning person. At all. Never have been. As soon as I wake up my bed seems to wrap me in its oh-so-comforting arms and fights to keep me nestled away in the folds of my soft cozy sheets and blankets with all its might.

However, along with urban micro-farming comes earrrrly mornings (yay!*sarcasm*) so it was a sink or swim situation. One earth shattering revelation I have discovered though is that as long as I don't have to socialize, mornings really aren't so bad! And by socialize, I mean with humans. Chickens are pretty good company when the day is still wiping the sleep out of her eyes.

I've grown to love the smell of the heavy dew as I traipse through the grass in my sloggers, and the hens offer their happy clucks of thanks as I give them some fresh water and scoop up their run from the night before. I love the moment the sun crests over the ridgepole of the church next door and light dances on the tips of my ever growing flower and vegetable gardens. I love the stillness as I carefully look over the tomato plants for aphids. I love the predictable cadence of our neighbors headed off to work and school...

Maybe there's something beautiful...magical...about mornings after all!


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